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We offer a large number of batteries suitable and specifically designed for Marine and Leisure purposes. Both Deep Cycle and Dual Purpose products are available.



Denka Xtreme Leisure is a range of sealed maintenance free dual purpose leisure batteries suitable for starting and leisure deep cycle use.


The batteries come with features such as integral handles, dual terminals (auto post and threaded post), sealed maintenance free lids with built in flame arrestors for added safety.




Click below for specifications (pdf)

DENKA Xtreme Leisure Specifications



Powerbatt Leisure offers a good range of popular leisure batteries.


Constructed to provide reliable deep cycle power by including special high density paste mix, thicker plates and special seperators.





BANNER Energy Bull is currently the leading flooded deep cycle leisure battery. It has been tested extensively by third parties and is shown to out perform its competition.


The Energy Bull range is constructed with semi-traction features to allow it to be an excellent deep cycle performer and suitable for all heavy duty deep cycle leisure uses as well as mobility, signalling systems, electric motor drive and other specialist applications.


Available in sizes from 60Ah(C20) to 230Ah(C20)

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A New Range of Duracell Leisure batteries will soon be available.

Providing serious continuous deep cycle power suitable for industrial and Leisure/Marine Applications where reliability and long life are required.


  • True Heavy Duty Deep Cycle battery with special fibreglass matt separators

  • Superior Life and Performance

  • Durability and cycle resistant

  • Optimized full frame plates to better withstand severe service demands and provide maximum current transfer

  • Heaviest reinforced grid and highest density plate design withstands the demands of continual deep cycle service

  • Rugged vibration resistant construction features


Contact us to be kept updated on more information and the release date of these superb batteries


Over the past few years more AGM and GEL  batteries are being used in Leisure and Marine applications.


We offer batteries up to 230Ah(C10) from stock for these applications.


They are more costly but benefit from a greater cycle life than normal flooded batteries and are also completely sealed non-spillable so are safer in a variety of installations.


It must be noted that the charging system of the installation needs to be designed for the different technologies as they require different charging profiles to some basic wet lead acid batteries.


Industrial Flooded Deep Cycle Batteries are normally used for Industrial applications such as materials handling, pallet movers, floor scrubbers, scissor lift platforms, cherry pickers, large golf carts etc but they also offer an excellent cost effective solution for other heavy duty deep cycle applications such as large wide beam and canal boats, solar and renewable energy installations 

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