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Do you want to be paid for your old scrap batteries ?


We buy old scrap lead acid batteries to recycle and pay top rates for them.

This can be old car batteries, old truck batteries, old leisure batteries in fact any old lead acid batteries including industrial and 2v cells.


From a single old scrap car battery to full pallets of scrap lead acid batteries and lorry loads of scrap batteries. We are able to arrange for collection and disposal for them to be recycled properly.


If you are a customer of ours you will already be benefiting from our great core exchange program for your scrap lead acid batteries.


If you are not a customer we are still able to buy your old lead acid batteries from you. We are also able to provide bins for your storage and a regular collection when the bins are empty.


All our battery recycling is EA compliant and we are Environment Agency registered and are able to provide all necessary paperwork for compliance.

It is important to recycle all old lead acid batteries as this allows for the raw materials to be used once again in the production of new batteries and other items. Recycling old batteries is a great way to help the environment and earn a little extra money for it.

Scrap Battery Recycling Form


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Success! Message received.

If you want a price for a quantity of old car/truck or other lead acid batteries for recycling.


Please fill in the form on the left.

Please ensure you include details on the size and qty of the batteries. If you know the weight that would be great for us to give an accurate price we would pay.

If you don't know the weight, we would be able to estimate a total value if you provide the Ah of each battery and the number of batteries.

If you are unable to give this either, if you just let us know the type car or truck and the number we will be able to give you a price per kg.

If you require them to be collected from your site, please also provide and address with postcode.

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