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At Denka we are commited to providing great products to our customers. Our range of products are constantly growing to give our customers the necessary solutions that they require.

Our Vision

As part of a Global Economy that is becoming more energy driven with one eye on the green credentials of all new power solutions, batteries are becoming an increasingly important part of our daily lives.


Our cars are becoming more reliant on the battery as an integral part of the cars electrical and safety systems. This is due to car makers being pushed towards ever lower CO2 emissions and efficiency targets and are having to employ Start-Stop Technology, Micro & Mild Hybrid Solutions in their vehicles. Many of these batteries may look the same but the construction and application is changing drastically.


If you are in a country or area that power cuts are frequent, back-up power is a necessity and can be a combination of batteries and generators to ensure uninterruptable supply. Back-up batteries are also present in computer UPS systems, household and industrial alarms and many other domestic and specialist applications.


For renewable energy to truly be of a benefit, energy storage, normally in the form of batteries, is required to store the collected energy for the times that it is required when the Solar/Wind/Water is not producing the amount needed.


For many of the less abled amongst us, battery power offers them help, peace of mind and freedom. This is in the way of mobility scooters, electric wheel chairs, stair lifts, bath lifts etc.


Industrial applications continue to increase their use of battery power in a huge array of industries including, materials handling, cleaning, access platforms, transport.


We are also using batteries more in our hobbies and leisure activities. Camping, Caravanning, Motorcycles, Sailing, ATV’s, Golfing, fishing and many more.


Each one of these applications need careful consideration in choosing the correct product to ensure that the best solution is made available.


At Denka we are committed to providing great products and services to fulfil these requirements. We constantly look at and evaluate new technologies in order to offer them to market at the appropriate time.

Company Profile

DENKA offers both a National and International Service for all its products.


From our Head Office in the U.K. we source product from all over the world in order to give our customers a great choice of high quality products suited to their applications.


We are able to supply small specialist batteries through to large just in time contracts. We have exported our products to a number of countries around the world from single pallets to multiple container shipments.


For our UK customers we offer services such as scheduled & timed deliveries, next working day deliveries and trade counter collections.

Also in line with an ever greener world we have Core Exchange Pricing and Scrap buy back schemes for waste lead acid batteries that get completely recycled. These also offer our customers the best overall deal for their complete battery requirements as well as knowing that all waste batteries will get properly recycled through government approved channels.


Through our knowledge and experience we have solved battery application problems for both commercial and consumer applications.


In short, if you have a battery requirement or problem….. give us a try….


Send us an email through our website contact form.

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