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As well as products, we provide a number of other services for our customers benefit.

Scrap Buy Back - Core Exchange


If you are already a UK customer of ours you are able to benefit from our Core Exchange Pricing to give you the best deal for the complete sale of a new battery and buy back of the old unit.


If you currently do not buy batteries from us, we are still able to offer an extremely competitive price to buy your old lead acid batteries from you.



Battery Testing


We are able to provide independent battery testing. Our primary focus for this would be Lead Acid battery types, this includes Flooded Lead Acid, Valve Regulated AGM and GEL, Starter Batteries (Car/Truck/Motorcycle etc), Deep Cycle Batteries (Leisure/Industrial/Marine) etc.


If you would like a quote for this please send us the details of the application and battery or batteries you would like testing, including your location via our web contact form so that we can provide a quotation.

Special Projects


Through our experience and industry contacts we have helped in a number of special projects varying from urgent (I needed it yesterday) supply requirements and electric vehicles to renewable power applications.


If you are struggling with your application or battery requirement we might be able to help. It could be a simple case of pointing you in the right direction or offering a complete design, source and supply solution.


Send us an enquiry with as much detail as possible.


Web Contact Form

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