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Exide Motorcycle

We stock an extremely comprehensive range of EXIDE Motorcycle from the classic flooded battery to the AGM Factory Activated product.

This includes 6V Motorcycle Batteries, 12V Motorcycle Batteries, AGM Motorcycle Batteries.



We stock the full range of NOCO Lithium Powersports batteries.

These are superb upgrades to standard batteries for those who want a lighter weight product, faster charging and higher cranking

We also stock the necessary NOCO Lithium charger to ensure the battery is properly charged and maintained at all times.

NOCO_NLP14-Powerport-Lithium-Battery-Multi-Connection-Terminals 1.jpeg

YUASA Motorcycle & Powersports


Yuasa are known as the OE Supplier to the vast majority of motorcycle brands such as Honda, Yamaha etc.

We keep stock of some of the popular sizes and some of the classic sizes (Norton, BSA etc) with the vast full range available to order.

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