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HIMURA AGM Batteries


HIMURA AGM Batteries provide a high cranking, reliable and completely maintenance free solution to our customers’ requirements.


HIMURA AGM batteries are supplied with a easy fill 6-pack acid bottle to ensure the freshest stock for you and your customers.


Currently the AGM range includes features such as radial grids, units design for side mounting, special “FT” terminals for Harley Davidson flush front terminals and many more features.


All Himura batteries are suitable for a huge variety of applications including, Motorcycles, Quad Bikes, Jet Skis, ATV's and many more



HIMURA High Power Flooded Batteries offer an excellent reliable product in the conventional wet flooded technology.


HIMURA have further enhanced this technology by using specially formulated “Anti-Sulphation” additives, which prevents the sulphate build up on battery plates . This leads to a better life span and a more robust battery being able to recover from a discharge condition more effectively


All HIMURA flooded batteries are supplied dry charged with an acid fresh pack to ensure the battery is installed new and in optimum condition.

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