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Denka offers a huge range of products for a multitude of applications. Please see below a list of the main areas we cover. If you have a battery requirement not listed please contact us as we are always changing and upgrading our range of products.


We offer a great range of Automotive batteries suitable for all cars from classic 6V to modern calcium silver and start stop AGM batteries.


Our batteries are sourced from Premium and Original Equipment factories to give our customers great batteries.


We understand the need for superior batteries in the commercial vehicle market. That is why our range of truck batteries all feature vibration resistant designs, heavy duty plates, cyclic ability amongst other features. This ensures that fleets and operators get maximum use from their batteries.


We offer a range of high quality leisure and marine batteries. This encompasses standard flooded leisure, dual purpose leisure, sealed maintenance free leisure, semi-traction deep cycle, AGM and GEL.


If you need a true heavy duty deep cycle battery for a live aboard canal boat or a dual purpose sealed leisure for light use, you can be assured that we have a product to suit your needs.


Our range of HIMURA Powersports Batteries offers a premium and high powered solution to all your powersports requirements.


Motorcycles, Jetskis, ATV's, Quads etc.


High Cranking, solid construction and great quality that is produced in the same factory as many international brand names gives you a great product you can enjoy.


Valve Regulated Rechargeable Lead Acid Batteries also known as VRLA offers a huge variety of uses.

We have available both Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) and GEL batteries for applications such as back-up power, alarms, mobility, golf, materials handling, specialist conversions and huge array of other uses.


INDUSTRIAL BATTERIES or Traction and Semi-Traction Batteries are phenomenal Deep Cycle products at a great price point.


We offer a range of products suitable for a variety of industrial and heavy deep cycle applications.


Battery chargers from CTEK, MIDTRONICS, DURITE and RING AUTOMOTIVE are available. Along with specialist chargers for VRLA AGM and GEL batteries for mobility, golf and other specialist applications


New specialist electronic conductance testers to allow workshops and garages to test batteries are also availble from stock.


We also have available battery terminals, hydrometers, inverters, split charge relays and numerous accessories

We have and continue to offer a number of specialist batteries and services. If you do not see something you require please contact us through our web form and give us details of your requirements so that we can offer you a solution

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