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Huge Range of Industrial Deep Cycle Traction and Semi Traction Batteries Ranging from 2V Cells, 6V Monoblocs and 12V Monoblocs.

Industrial batteries are built to provide the longest and most robust cycle life and are used in industries and applications ranging from floor scrubbers, telehandlers, golf carts, marine, materials handling and a huge range of other possibilities where electric power is used to drive a motor.


Semi Traction and traction batteries are an excellent upgrade to leisure batteries where a better performing or more robust solution is required.

Their construction allows for an excellent value product for ah/£ and cycle life.


These batteries can also serve as excellent renewable energy products for large installations or off grid domestic power supply batteries.


As the possibilities of these products are huge,  contact us for more information or provide us with information of what you require so that we may recommend a suitable solution.


Specifications subject to change.

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