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We have an excellent range of Flexi Solar panels from 10W to 190W.

These can of course be installed in multiples to increase the size of your solar system.

Our DKSPF Flexi Solar panels use the very latest in ETFE Coatings and Fibreglass backing to produce a high quality and reliable Flexi Panel.

This makes them suitable for a variety of different types of installations including :

  • Canal Boats - Narrow/Wide Beam

  • Sailing Boats/Yachts

  • Campervans/Motorhomes and Caravans

  • Commercial Vehicles - Vans and Truck Conversions

The ETFE coating creates a robust top layer making them resistant to scratching and chipping in a number of situations. Such as being able to be walk across on a boat*, motorway roadside equipment etc.

All come with MC4 connectors attached for easy and universal fitting.

DKSPF100W Connectors.png
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