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DENKA Xtreme Leisure

DENKA DXL Xtreme Leisure batteries offer and excellent solution to marine, leisure and many other dual purpose requirements.

Built to provide good starting power when required and resistant to cyclic use, the Xtreme Leisure Battery range is an excellent all rounder


The Denka Xtreme Leisure battery is completely sealed using the latest calcium silver plate technology and labyrinth lid design for extremely low water loss during its life.


Twin Marine terminals are also provide for the easy addition of ancilliary devices when required, as well as an integrated carry handle for portability.


Please see below for specifications of the DENKA DXL Xtreme Leisure Marine Battery range.


If you would like more detailed information please contact us


MCA - Marine Cranking Amps

Height - This is the Total Height to the top of the terminals.

Always ensure your leisure/marine battery gets a full charge from an advanced muti stage charger

Specifications subject to change.

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