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DURACELL are bringing you another heavy duty premium power product for your enjoyment.


The DURACELL range of Marine & Leisure Batteries provide consistent long term cyclic power to maximise the life span of your battery in your deep cycle application.


Constructed from true heavy duty full frame plates and high density reinforced paste with added glass matt separators, DURACELL brings a truly industrial grade deep cycle battery to the consumer market.


The DURACELL Deep Cycle Batteries will provide consistent reliable power, cycle after cycle, in the harshest of conditions. So that you can enjoy your leisure and marine activities.


Let the battery do the hard work.

Due to the heavy industrial nature of the construction of the DURACELL battery.


It is also suitable for :


  • Solar & Renewable Energy

  • Traffic and Signalling

  • Floor Scrubbers and Cleaners

  • Materials Handling (Electric Pallet Trucks etc)

  • Aerial & Lift Machinery

  • Motive Power Applications 


If you would like more information about this or any other products we supply please contact us





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