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CAR & LCV Batteries

Duracell offer a full range of advanced Car and LCV batteries including batteries for the latest Start Stop Vehicles. With Duracell you can be assured of a very high quality premium product for all your applications.



This technology is at the forefront of Lead Acid Battery manufacturing.

AGM & EFB batteries can last up to 3 times longer than a standard lead acid battery.


Designed for use in the latest stop start vehicles, the DURACELL Extreme range of EFB and AGM batteries are suitable for all stop start vehicles ranging from small and basic stop start systems through to advanced stop start systems with brake energy recuperation on executive and luxury vehicles.


Features include :

  • High Cyclic Resistance

  • High Vibration Resistance

  • Maximum Cranking

  • Special Active Mass Composition

  • Special Separator Material

  • AGM - unspillable battery


The AGM battery is also an excellent solution where high vibration resistance is required such as heavy/specialist plant machinery. Or where High Cyclic Resistance is required such as power tools or equipment in van conversions.



The DURACELL Advanced range of batteries for cars and light commercial vehicles meets and exceeds the highest demands of leading vehicle manufacturers.


All batteries are completely maintenance free with full calcium technology. Features include :


  • Matches/Exceeds OE Specifications

  • Improved Cold Cranking

  • Full Calcium Maintenance Free

  • Robust Cyclic Behaviour

  • Max leak protection with double lid

  • Integrated safety flame arrestor

  • Vibration Resistant bonded plates

  • UK Type Numbers and EN/SAE Ratings




The Duracell Starter range of car and LCV batteries offers an excellent full calcium maintenance free solution for car and light commercial vehicle requirements.


Features include :


  • Full Calcium Maintenance Free

  • Double lid leak protection

  • Integrated safety flame arrestor

  • Reliable Starting power

  • UK Type Numbers and EN/SAE Ratings

All specifications are correct at time of publishing. Specifications may vary over time due to adjustments and improvements.

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