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The new force on Europe’s streets. Duracell – this name stands for ultimate durability and life, maximum power in extreme situations, and continuous further product development. Modern vehicles now make massive demands on starter batteries. Duracell Batteries are constructed to deliver maximum performance and reliable starting every single day, and in all conditions. The products range from‚ Starter – the entry into the Duracell brand, and continue through the‚ Advanced, EFB and AGM Extreme types for start stop and high powered applications. Up to the ultimate hard working‚ Professional for trucks, buses and agricultural vehicles.


Produced on OE production lines to OE standards for the greatest reliability and peace of mind for the consumer.


Duracell Car batteries would be a great addition to any retailer such as car accesory shops, tyre shops, garages and many others. As it offers a brand that all customers recognise and trust.

DURACELL is the only Battery brand in the top 100 best Global Brands *


DURACELL is Ranked No. 10 in Consumer Goods Brands*




Source : Interbrand - Best Global Brands 2013

Long Life - Power - Innovation

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