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Super Heavy Duty Truck & Agricultural Batteries


The requirements of a commercial battery in truck and agricultural applications are different from your normal car starter battery.


Truck batteries require high cylic stability due the extra loads placed on them in overnight cabs and ancilliary devices such as tail lifts, cab heaters, televisions etc.


While both Agricultural and increasingly Truck batteries need extra vibration resitant features. Tractors and agricultural vehicles have a higher level of vibration requirement due to the work surfaces they operate on. The relocation of modern truck batteries to the rear of the tractor unit also increases vibration levels considerably and require vibration proofing.


POWERBATT Commercial batteries are built using proven heavy duty features at Original Equipment factories to Original Equipment standards. We ensure that the best features are offered in our range of commercial batteries such as :


  • Calcium Hybrid Construction

  • Thick Heavy Duty Grids

  • Optimised Grid Design

  • Good Cyclic Stability

  • Vibration Resistant features

  • Heavy Duty PE and PE Glass Matt separators

  • Integrated Handles

  • Robust Casing


*Some features are model dependent


Please see below a list of sizes availabe. This list is constantly changing as the POWERBATT Commercial range adapts to the needs of the market. If there is anything you require not listed below please contact us

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