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The POWERBATT range of car and light commercial vehicle (LCV) batteries offers the consumers and trade an extremely high quality product at a great price point.


Manufactured in Original Equipment factories to Original Equipment standards using advanced equipment from the best producers in th world. You can be assured that when you chose a POWERBATT battery for your application you will be receiving an excellent product incorporating some of the latest battery manufacturing technology for heavy duty power and long service life.


The comprehensive range allows any stockist or dealer to meet all the needs of potential customers knowing an excellent quality product will always be supplied.


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Features of the POWERBATT range of Car & LCV Batteries include :


  • Full Calcium/Calcium (Ca+/Ca+) Construction

  • Silver & Tin Additives for improved performance

  • Advanced Grid Design to maximise Cranking Power and Resistance to Corrosion

  • Specially formulated paste to ensure high Ah and stable long term performance

  • Sealed Lid Construction

  • Integrated Flame Arrestors

  • Completely Maintenance Free

  • Strong Integral Handles

  • Low self discharge - great shelf life


*Some features are model dependent


Below is a table of battery types along with specifications, this list is always changing as the POWERBATT range of products continuously adapt to the needs of the battery market. So if you do not see a product you require, please contact us.

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