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Battery Terminals & Connectors


We offer a great range of battery terminals and connectors for a huge range of industries including automotive(car/truck), marine, leisure, industrial and many more.



We provide original Anderson Power Connectors in various sizes.

We are also able to custom make specific leads and cables for the Anderson Power Connectors, such as Truck Charging Leads, Recovery Truck Breakdown Leads and many more.

If you require any type of Anderson Power Connector please do not hesitate in contacting us.



We stock a selection of Terminals such as:

  • Crimp/Solder Battery Terminals

  • Screw Fix Battery Terminals

  • Marine / Cargo Battery Terminals

  • Copper Tube Terminal Lugs

We can also make up specific leads with these such as commercial truck battery link leads, marine/boat battery link leads, earth leads, charging leads and many more.

Please contact us if you have a requirement for battery terminals or custom built leads.

Other Connectors


We also stock and provide a number of other types of connectors such as :

  • Quick Release Terminals

  • Negative Isolator Terminals

  • Battery Terminal Covers - Various

  • Small Terminal Kits

And much more.

Since there is such a larger number of chargers available, if you need a charger please contact us for more information

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