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We offer a great range of battery chargers from small budget chargers to large battery chargers with battery support unit (BSU) functions for garages during ECU programming and updating.



RING AUTOMOTIVE has available a huge selection of excellent charging solutions.


RING Battery Chargers range from extremely small outputs of less than 1Amp all the way to 55A outputs for professional and workshop charging.


With advance features such as battery and charging system testing as well as BSU (Battery Support Unit) functions and charging profiles for the latest Stop Start Batteries.

There will be a Ring battery charger for your requirement.



Victron has been a name associated with a range of specialist applications including marine and off grid power installations.

They provide advanced multistage chargers for motorcycle, car, truck, leisure, marine and specialist applications.

We are able to provide the full range of Victron product from the small and excellent IP65 Blue Power Charging range right up to the large specialist chargers and equipmen used on Off Grid Supply as well as Yachts and large installations

Since there is such a larger number of chargers available, if you need a charger please contact us for more information

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